Corporate Events, Conference, Exhibition and Seminar Photography

Joshua Khoo Photography has been photographing corporate events since 2013. In fact, if there’s one defining genre of photography for our studio, it’s really specialising and servicing the corporate clients. Eighty percent of our clients are international and multi-national corporations (MNCs), with big names such as Adobe, Workday, ACCA, Readers Digest and Cambridge Schools. 

We provide very fast turnaround time of edited images within days (not weeks), option for a selection of images on the same day for social media or news media usage, and a team of experienced photographers should the need arises.

Whether you are in the organising committee for your company’s conference or an events specialist that has been tasked to the success of your client’s event, you can be assured of our service, speed and image quality always.

We believe that pictures speak louder than words, so here’s a small sample of our work and if you need more to review, we would be most happy to provide to you.

Corporate event coming up?