Awards are really special corporate events that would require a photographer to capture the glitz and glamour of the night, performances, people networking and most importantly the awards ceremony recently had the opportunity to shoot for one of the most well known awards in Malaysia, known as the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards.

One of the key challenges in taking an award night is that a photographer is required to work with numerous other photographers such as media and the nominees own hired photographers. Due to the lack of space of the location, this presents a challenge when it came to the group photo of 44 people on stage. Most photographers would opt for an ultrawide lens, but in our experience that would present quite a bit of distortion of the people on the extreme sides, making them look overly elongated. With that we created the group photo in a less conventional way, by stitching a group panorama into one large photo. The result is a photo that provides a much more pleasing look for the people on the sides!

Here are more photos from the client’s site:

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