It’s been awhile since we had the opportunity to take group photos due to the COVID-19 situation. The photography industry has been seriously impacted with the cancellation of public events, and we were not spared as well. However, rest assured is still very much committed to our corporate and event photography, and happy to have taken this year’s ACCA MAC group photo of very distinguished men and women within the finance and accounting industry.

The challenge this year is the fact that we had to work faster than usual to minimise group contact and with social distancing precautions. Hence with my assistant Chai Yun (a really good helper!), we managed to pull off some really great images all in 30 minutes.

Some behind the scenes

One of the pose which we wanted to pull off was a more dramatic style which we lit each participant separately and later combined it to a singular image like so.

We also of course did more traditional images with our portable studio setup to pull off a more classical group shot. Of course, nothing is classical with face masks on, but we live in really unprecedented times.

The new norm

I would really want to give a shout out to my assistant Chai Yun, whom I hired from GoGet. What’s special about her, is that she’s actually deaf. At first I was a bit hesitant to hire her, but I decided to give her a chance to try it out. We communicated a lot via WhatsApp a week before the event, and on the day itself had many rounds of practice before the actual shoot.

She helped me setup my lighting equipment very efficiently, held up the rather heavy softbox for every shot and then packed up for me. In the end, attitude really is more important than ability. I’ll definitely be hiring her whenever I have the opportunity.

Here’s Chai Yun in a test shot

In this challenging times, it’s great to see that GoGet enables people of all walks of life to earn income in a very dignified way. I’m also grateful that businesses are starting to pick up again and believing that we will get through this together.