If you have been thinking about hiring professional photographer instead of using your smartphone for your LinkedIn photo, but not really sure if it’s worth it, read on to find out why it’s really a great idea and why you should do it with us.

1 – Investment For Your Future

Your headshot is an investment that can last a few years.

Our images are provided in super high resolution, where even cropping just for the headshot would still be plenty of details for your profile photo. Check out how handsome Leslie looks on his LinkedIn profile after taking some shots with us

LinkedIn to Your Future

Unlike other social medias, LinkedIn brings attention of hiring managers and recruitment agencies all over the world. There is a large chance that your next career opportunity or even business opportunity can come from LinkedIn. First impressions really count and your profile photo would exactly be that. A professional headshot would also come in handy to be furnished in your resume. We’ve also seen too many people using their passport photos as their profile which really doesn’t work unless you are in front of an immigration officer.

Conversely if you are in talent acquisition, a headhunter or in a recruitment agency, your candidates would definitely be expecting a professional looking person speaking to them.

2 – Useful For Your Present

Your headshot is more useful than you think. Here are some practical ways you can use it for your business and career today.

Zoom Ahead

In today’s age of video conferencing, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, having a profile photo allows people to identify you whenever you pause your video. If you are in a conference with clients or upper management, your smartphone photos just don’t cut it. Stand out amongst your competitors and colleagues with a professional headshot.

It’s Your Calling Card

If you are in sales, or perhaps a property agent or an insurance agent, having a professional headshot convey confidence in your clients. It shows you are serious about your business and not just some part timer. Use it in your email signature, business cards, placard or online portals for maximum effect.


Alicia choose us to take her photos for her profile as a marketer for hair care products. She wanted to portray gentleness and strength in a woman, and we think she pulled it off very well!

3 – To Remember Your Past

A professionally taken headshot is a great way to remember how you look in the a most flattering manner. You deserve to treat yourself to great photographs of you! And not just for yourself, but for your children or grandchildren in the future to see a dashing version of yourself today.

In fact, why not have a go with some extra flair and style!

 4 – Front Cover Quality

When looking for a photographer, the first thing you need to review is the photographer’s portfolio before making a decision. The quality of their portfolio would equate to how you would look like too. Joshuakhoo.com’s photographers are highly experience in corporate photography, so you can be assured of the best quality with international corporate clients such as ACCA UK whom we have been photographing interviewees for their magazines for many years.

Front cover of the May 2020 edition of the ACCA AB Magazine shot by Joshuakhoo.com

5 – Excellent Service

Apart from quality and price, our clients come back to us because of our service to them. We provide super quick editing time, responsiveness to your enquiries and are always opened to discussion on how we can be of service to you. We are opened to having suggestions of how you would like your photos to be taken, instead of doing it our way although we would be happy to give our professional recommendations at any time.

 Our main headshots studio is conveniently located near Mont Kiara, Hartamas, Segambut, Kepong area which is a short drive from Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. For corporate clients, we also have onsite photography services available.


6 – Value for Money

Finally, we come to the one of the main reasons people don’t engage in a professional photographers for their headshot is simply because of the perceived cost of doing so. While people acknowledge that it is an investment, setting a side a few hundred ringgits for a single photograph can seem a bit steep since your phone can do it for RM0. With the advancement of smartphone artificial intelligence, you might be tempted to think that you can simply use the portrait mode on your phone and get it over with.

 As a photographer, we understand why professional photographers charge what they charge. To provide a headshot service, a photographer would need a studio (which equates to rental), a good camera, high quality lens, lighting equipment (which includes wireless flash, softboxes, stands), a computer and specialised software to edit the photos. Not to mention the marketing costs and years of experience to master the equipment and help you strike that perfect pose.


Introducing new our value for money headshot package

 To address the needs of the market, we have designed a new affordable headshot package that is less than half the market rate while still maintaining our high photographic quality. We are able to do this by streamlining our processes from setting up, posing to image editing to make it as efficient as possible with minimal wastage.

 Check out our packages here and see for yourself!